I am a published Makeup Artist in Los Angeles who promises a positive contribution to any company or production. Billboards surround us. I know sparkle and shine is important to celebrity. I accommodate unique requests.

My positive outlook in this art has given new collaborations in the creative process. I can cooperate and be a team player. Self-image is everything in the entertainment business. I learned the tricks and tips to make me a popular success. The famous are granted the spotlight. It is paramount to fascinate your audience. My makeover talents can direct a response. My work leaves an impression. My polished abilities will support your advertising needs. You need to gain your reader’s approval. The opportunity to do something memorable is here. Do you need to be portrayed as elegant and charismatic? I have the professionalism to ignite flair into every frame. I can work wonders on any age or gender. Creating the face needs the right amount of innovation. I know painting and illustration of the face is a unique art. I have the ability to manage a wide range of advertising needs. My perspective is that shooting requires flattering natural beauty. I have the devotion and your business will be satisfied with my efforts. I can create any character depiction. This will help the actor embody the character he or she is playing. It doesn’t stop there. Actors have red carpet events to attend. I also handle magazine covers in Los Angeles.

The visual will determine how it will sell. I am qualified in set design and makes sure your demands are satisfied. I can keep up the pace for various work assignments. I am indispensable to models, performers, and presenters. Skilled in updated makeup for commercial artist. I will adapt to your style. Whatever the occasion you will feel special.