Fitness Makeup Art needs proper selection and application to flaunt the toned physique. This is an aspect I thrive in as a Fitness Makeup Artist In Los Angeles; to make sure your body looks its best. My keen instincts know how the right color should blend well with the skin. Matching the shade with the tanning product is my forte.

For bikini competitions, I am aware you need a quality brand applied with a smooth touch. I have the right shade that will blend with your skin tone. I can emphasize your most attractive feature. I will retain your Bikini Competition Makeup with my skills of using powder. I have products for longer wear. Cosmetics for a fitness competition will need an artist to beautify your face and highlight the muscles. Your curves will look defined and bronzed. This balancing act is a breeze for me to maintain. With my guidance this critical element of presentation will give you the edge. I understand it needs to be exaggerated and visible. My hands will emphasize the cheekbones and eyes. You are an original and the focal point should be on your most expressive feature. Tell me what gets you the most compliments and I will deliver. I am always courteous. The body is prepped and molded to perfection and I complete the regimen. I acknowledge that stage presentation is important to winning contests. My steps includes priming the tan which gives the buff body a smoother texture.

The face will appear vibrant. My light strokes will ensure it wears for hours. My consideration is that athletes need to shine from afar. My focus is in taking care of this challenge. You trained hard for that gorgeous body. I can get you a polished overall appearance. You can glow in your event. This can make or break your performance My final touch is mandatory. My patience and cosmetic application are refined.