Fulfill your purpose with my high fashion makeup. I take notes and start at the base. I know camera angles and assist with a minimalist or bolder technique. A photo shoot ready face is not an afterthought. The location of modeling sessions will influence how my professional makeup application will make you pretty from head to toe.

The airbrush technique is best because it will not smudge. I will carefully select eye, cheek, and lip colors to complement the skin tone. I have the appropriate tools to create a masterpiece. Your memories are in mind and I am is willing to take the extra steps such as a light touch and can apply it with the correct foundation. This is a daunting process in beauty segments, but with exemplary organizational skills the image in print will be breathtaking. I know the photographer wants the model to have a certain look so I do the research. Wardrobe changes are sometimes necessary. I will apply a simple palette and hairstyle that will coordinate with several outfits. I offer a trial session to showcase my abilities and to test if the hair and editorial makeup will maintain the entire day. I know makeup is different for day or night. Morning has the advantage of natural light. The skin will be illuminated with a healthy glow. Runway makeup will be translated as appealing to the average person.

I know how to contour and bring out features with my high-end supplies. I know that makeup trends change. I am thrilled to be involved in your desired vision. Show me a photo and I will replicate the image to your standards. The finished product will be highly defined. Your face will be a sight to behold. My motivation is visualization and you will look sensational.